Ultra-Light, Ultra-Low-Cost reusable shopping bags from Global

Picture of an ECO5PP shopping bag

Global's ECO5PP reusable shopping bags are made from an extremely lightweight polypropylene fabric. They carry a lot of shopping but they only require a fraction of the material needed to make traditional plastic bags-for-life.

Because our bags weigh less than most other reusables they're more eco-friendly to transport. Because they're made from a single material they have a smaller manufacturing footprint too.

Of course the key eco-benefit is that they can be reused multiple times which helps to reduce the number of single-use plastic carrier bags in circulation.

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ECO5PP reusable bags are now available exclusively from Global Trading UK Limited. We're a leading importer and distributor of packaging to supermarkets, industries and high street retailers.

If you would like to offer your customers an eco-friendly reusable bag at an easily affordable price, contact us today. We'll explain more about the product and we can also tell you about the artwork, stock-holding and distribution services that we offer.

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